A four week eCourse to support body
awareness & connection

This four week eCourse offers moments in your day to tune in and build awareness of how beautiful and amazing your body is! 

For many of us we live in a constant state of tension and stress that is held in the body. Tuning back into our body is one of the most simplest and common sense tools to support us in our daily living and as a way to maintain and take responsibility for our health and well-being.

Body Awareness Education is
fundamental to self-care.

You're in good hands...

In this 4 week eCourse will be the opportunity to develop a greater awareness of your body. It offers the space to stop and tune into your body to observe and evaluate how it feels and become familiar with areas of tension and stress.

These 15 minutes sessions are conducted in a laying down position. They offer you a moment to stop, tune in and connect to your body, bringing focus to being present and gentle with the body to release tension and stress from the day.

4 week

week course

15 minute

recorded sessions


laying down



Course details
  1. Every week will be a new video lesson and audio recording that you can listen to as often as you like. The program follows a 4 week theme with each week building upon the next.

  2. The 15 minute sessions will be conducted laying down

  3. You can listen to the recordings as often as you like as a way to integrate a routine in the evening to support your sleep and vitality

Here's what you will learn

This eCourse can be conducted at your own pace in your own time and  I will be sharing tips on how you can make the most of your eCourse.

The Restore - Body Awareness eCourse is part of a series of three developed to support us in these modern times.


This eCourse offers a moment in our day to tune into our body to observe and bring awareness to what we feel from different parts of our body. It aims to provide an more intimate relationship in getting to know your body and to also allow for moments to simply relax and let go.

The relax eCourse offers a very simple and practical way to integrate these moments into your everyday so that it becomes part of your routine no matter where you are.

Simple living for modern times
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What's included

Restore Body Awareness 4 week eCourse

Weekly video presentations and audio recordings

Tips to make the most of your ecourse

Download and keep all the audio recordings



living for modern times

"The body awareness session with you was life changing for me. Feeling my body make such refined adjustments from the inside was completely new for me.
I have been much more with myself as I move ever since."



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