As you know life can be intense, busy, if not crazy! This is precisely why I developed a suite of eCourses to support you in taking those valuable moments to reconnect, breathe, hold steady and come back to what's real - YOU!


This signature series called Simple Living for Modern Times is a suite of three eCourses that are super practical and can be integrated into your daily rhythm and routine. You can complete these in your own time, at your own pace. Check them out below.



living for modern times
Living Medicine _ Meditation
4 week program

Our breath is a tool for connection. This four week meditation program offers simple weekly 10 minute meditation session to reconnect.

Living Medicine _ Meditation
Sleep & Vitality
6 week program

This six week Sitting Yoga program offers a 15 minute repose in the evening to wind down from the day to prepare the body for sleep.

Living Medicine | Relaxation
Body Connection
4 week e-program

Taking 15 minutes to relax and tune into the body is offered in this 4 week program to alleviate stress, anxiety, tension and overwhelm.

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