A four week eCourse to re-connect

This four week eCourse offers you the opportunity to integrate a simple daily meditation practice to support you and your connection.

The meditation I offer is called the Gentle Breath Meditation™ and only requires up to 10 minutes each day.  You can do this either once a day or I recommend twice a day initially in the morning and the evening. The meditation is simple and very practical to integrate into your daily activities so it becomes as natural as brushing your teeth!

Our breath is a powerful reference tool that can support us to re-connect when we are not feeling quite ourselves.

Your in good hands...

In this 4 week eCourse you will discover just how simple meditation is and how it is for everyone.

Our breath is an amazing tool that can re-connect us when we are feeling out of sorts, anxious, worried, mentally overactive, emotional or simply not quite ourselves.

This eCourse offers an achievable and realistic way to integrate a meditation practice into your day and to make this part of your living way.

4 week

week course

10 minute

recorded sessions


in a chair or laying down



Course details
  • Every week will be a new video lesson and audio recording that you can listen to as often as you like. The program follows a 4 week theme with each week building upon the next.

  • The 10 minute meditation sessions can be conducted in a chair or laying down

  • You can listen to the recordings as often as you like. I suggest putting aside time in the morning and evening or at least once a day.

Here's what you will learn

This eCourse can be conducted at your own time at your own pace and  I will be sharing tips on how you can make the most of your eCourse.

The reconnect meditation eCourse is part of a series of eCourses developed to support us in these modern times.


They are suited to anyone who simply knows they need to take time to connect with themselves but often find it a challenge to do so.  Taking moments in our day to reconnect and stay connected is a form of natural medication for the body, our health and mental well-being.

The reconnect eCourse offers a very simple and practical way to integrate these moments into your everyday so that it becomes part of your routine no matter where you are.

Simple living for modern times
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What's included

Meditation 4 week eCourse

Weekly video presentations and audio meditations

Worksheet tips to make the most of your ecourse



living for modern times

"You have not only helped me to find quite moments of peace and serenity within my workplace, you have also been a rock for me to lean on when I needed

support in troubling times."



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