A Gentle Breath Meditation™ to support connection.

If your sensing the need for extra support to reconnect, slow down, refocus, simplify and be present - this program is for you.

This four week online program offers a simple daily Gentle Breath Meditation™ practice to support you in these modern times and only requires up to 10 minutes each day. The meditation is simple and very practical to integrate into your daily activities so it becomes as natural as brushing your teeth!


your own breath

4 week

week course

10 minute

recorded sessions


in a chair or laying down



"I really appreciated the beautiful meditation sessions. Thank you for showing how simple and quickly is to reconnect. 

It still amazes me."


What you will experience
From chaos to connection

The Gentle Breath Meditation™ offers a moment to step out of the chaos and reconnect to a centered inner steadiness. A return back to more natural way of being.

True Well-being

Returning to the simplicity of your breath and being brings you back to yourself. This is the fundamental bedrock of true health and well-being in today's modern world.

Precious moments

Putting aside moments to be with you is about letting go of the outer distractions to bring focus back to you, deepening your relationship from the inside out.

Keeping it simple ...

In this 4 week eCourse you will discover just how simple meditation is and how it is for everyone.

Our breath is an amazing tool that can

re-connect us when we are feeling out of sorts, anxious, worried, mentally overactive, emotional or simply not quite ourselves.

This eCourse offers an achievable and realistic way to integrate a meditation practice into your day and to make this part of your living way.


There is nothing more empowering than connecting to the simplicity of your breath and being. This program offers you the opportunity to...

Slow down and come back to a rhythm that is more in tune and harmonious for your body and well-being

Build self awareness, inner confidence, observation of self and deepen your connection to your body and what you feel

Let go of distractions as you develop focus, presence and clarity of mind

Expand your practice into your every day to make meditation your living way.

"A million thank yous for offering us that 10 minute space in the busy working week, especially as I was having such a stressful time. It really made a difference.""


Enrol for Free

Enrol for free and have access to the program and meditation recordings

Here's what you will learn

This eCourse can be conducted at your own time at your own pace and  I will be sharing tips on how you can make the most of your eCourse.

Week 1 - New Beginnings

This week offers you a new beginning to make moments in your day to meditate. TOPICS

  1. The practicalities of setting up your space and regular schedule
  2. Introduction to the Gentle Breath Meditation™
  3. The quality of gentleness
VIDEO INTRODUCTION An introduction to the theme of the week and how to make the most of this new beginning. AUDIO RECORDING A 15 minute audio recording for week 1 is available to download and listen to as often as you like.

Week 2 - Building Consistency

This week continues to build upon the new beginnings you are making and to identify the choices and distractions that get in the way of putting aside this time and what you observe during the meditation. TOPICS

  1. Consolidating on the changes you are making in Week 1
  2. Distractions and interferences that get in the way of this time with yourself

VIDEO INTRODUCTION An introduction to the theme of the week and how to make the most of building a new way to make moments for yourself in the day to connect with your breath. AUDIO RECORDING A 10-15 minute audio recording for week 2 is available to download and listen to as often as you like.

Week 3 - Developing Awareness

Week 3 brings to light an opportunity to deepen your awareness of your breath, body and being. TOPICS

  1. Observation and awareness of your breath, body and being
  2. Maintaining focus
VIDEO INTRODUCTION An introduction to the theme of the week and how to make the most of the developing awareness of your breath, body and being. AUDIO RECORDING A 15 minute audio recording for week 3 is available to download and listen to as often as you like.

Week 4 - Establishing Foundations

This week consolidates all that you have been exploring in weeks 1 - 3 as a new platform and way forward to support moments in your day to meditate and what it means to move and walk this connection in your day TOPICS

  1. Setting new standards
  2. Consolidating on what works and letting go of anything that does not
  3. Appreciation

VIDEO INTRODUCTION An introduction to the theme of the week and how to make the most of the new platform and foundation you have established. AUDIO RECORDING A 15 minute audio recording for week 4 is available to download and listen to as often as you like.

"These sessions have provided quiet moments of stillness and serenity within my working day."


I co-created this program to make meditation accessible and practical for our modern times.

There is no denying the fact that we live in an era of unprecedented intensity, disruption, distraction and change. This means it can be very easy to lose ourselves in the outer noise and complications of life. 

Within this free 4 week meditation program is a simple way to stay connected to the essence of your being through regular 10 minute meditation sessions. These sessions offer a moment for you to bring your focus inwards and back to you through the simplicity of your breath. 



Your in good hands...
Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have experience in meditation to do the program?

You don't require any experience in meditation at all. I share with you the simple tools of the meditation and will be there to guide you through each meditation via the recording each week.

How does the program work?

The 4 week program is broken into different themes for each week. You will focus on a theme throughout the week to enhance your awareness and build your practice. Each week will offer a introductory video of the theme and an audio recording to listen to as often as you like. The four weeks have been specifically designed to establish a foundational meditation practice for yourself and to find your own groove.

What is the Gentle Breath Meditation™?

The Gentle Breath Meditation™ is a very simple and practical meditation to support us in our modern lifestyles. It brings focus to the quality of gentleness to restore the body back to a quality of gentleness. Due to the intensity of life itself we can hardened not only ourselves but our body which in turn dulls the sensitivity and delicateness of our true nature. We can also hardened to protect ourselves from the world and others. The gentle breath meditation™ supports a return back to a quality that is innate and natural for our body and being. It also supports focus, presence and the opportunity to reconnect to the simplicity of your breath and being.

Are you available to answer questions and provide feedback?

No, but thanks for asking. The program is fully self directed and empowers you to discover 'you' in your own way. There is no right or wrong way to do meditation or this program. It is purely about a rediscovery of yourself and what feels true for you. Make it your own, claim you with every breath and I look forward to your feedback at the end.

Why are you offering this for free?

The Gentle Breath Meditation™ was offered to me for free and has supported me enormously in reconnecting back to myself. It is a simple tool that is so needed in today's world to come back to what is real and true.

Enrol for Free

Enrol for free and have access to the program and meditation recordings

The reconnect meditation eCourse is part of the Simple Living for modern times eCourses developed to support us in these modern times. They are suited to anyone who simply knows they need to take time to connect with themselves but often find it a challenge to do so. Taking moments in our day to reconnect and stay connected is a form of natural medication for the body, our health and mental well-being.

4 week program

Our breath is a tool for connection. This four week meditation program offers simple weekly 10 minute meditation session to reconnect.

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Preventative health and wellness services offering yoga, wellness coaching ,ecourses and retreats to share simple tools to make our everyday part of our living medicine.



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