As a organisational change practitioner and coach my focus is on the people side of business to inspire change and ignite potential.

Integral to the services I offer is the fact that I continue to work with different organisations to support organisational transformation, change and coaching. It keeps me grounded, real and aware of the everyday impacts on people when working in fast paced, constantly changing environments and ambiguous situations. What I offer here comes from my own lived experiences and a way of living that allows me to maintain a consistent and steady presence while valuing the relationships I build and following through with workplace deliverables.


Valuing the quality of the people within our service and valuing ourselves and our health as an essential asset in any organisation is paramount. In fact I consider this to be the true leadership of today.


When health and wellbeing are actively promoted, companies are 2.5x more likely to be viewed as a top-performing organisation and their employees are 8x more likely to be engaged
The Wellness Imperative: Creating More Effective Organizations.
The World Economic Forum in partnership with Right Management (2010)
Workplace reality check...
  • Disengaged employees cost Australian organisations $54.8 billion per year? Sick at Work The cost of presenteeism to your business and the economy. Medibank (2011).

  • Absenteeism and presenteesim (productivity losses as a result of workers attending when unwell) are costing organisations approximately $44 billion and $35 billion per year (1), with work place stress a contributing factor. AI Absenteeism & Presenteeism Survey Report (2015).

  • 60% of lost workdays each year can be attributed to work-related stress 4. Stress-related claims cost Australian business more than $200 million annually The cost of workplace stress on Australia. Medibank Private (2008).

I have been fortunate to work with a number of organisations in delivering workshops, online programs and retreats to support staff and in some cases clients. These have all been bespoke services tailored specifically to the needs of the organisation and culture.

When we consider that our quality, consistency, integrity, productivity and
connection with others can only be equal to where we are at and what we
choose for ourselves, self-care becomes of paramount importance.

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Developed for senior professionals

In an era of accelerated disruption, digitisation and complexity, the capacity to lead organisations through constant change requires agility, steadiness and for the most part simplicity. This is asking our leaders of today to dive deeper to develop an inner connection, awareness and solid presence from which to lead from.

Living Medicine _ Corporate
2 hour | 4 hour | 6 hour

Living Medicine offers a range of options to deliver corporate health workshops tailored to the needs of the organisation and staff. Topics of interest include work/life balance, body awareness education for self-care, supporting sleep & vitality and dealing with stress and anxiety.

Living Medicine _ Meditation
Reconnect | Rejuvenate  | Relax

The three signature Simple Living for modern life ecourses are a super practical offering for those on the go but who understand and value the importance of staying connected while on the go. The online programs can be offered as a continuing option to support and build upon what has been experienced in a workshop or retreat to integrate and practically apply in daily life.

Living Medicine | Workplace Retreats
1 day | 2 days  | 3 days

Retreats can be offered as a one, two or three day event with two presenters. A Living Medicine retreat is an immersion into living in a way that is true and supportive for our body and therefore our health and wellbeing. The retreats offer practical elements of living well to sustain a quality of life that supports us in the workplace and beyond.




Supporting leaders to lead from

an inner connection, awareness

and presence.

"I was able to better understand how important I am and how to listen to my body's rhythm. I felt in a better place after the session than I did before. The conversation around the lunch table was invaluable to the team and there seems to be a intensified sense of camaraderie between team members since  the retreat".