Reacquainting with our body and it's true intelligence is an integral step to self-care.

Body Awareness Education is the presentation of how key our body is in offering a gauge or a reference point from which to take care of our health. It is the barometer of truth and the more we come to honour the true intelligence that comes from our body the more we can respect and care for the body and therefore ourselves.

Tuning back into our body is one of the most simplest and common sense tools to support us in our daily living and as a way to maintain and take responsibility for our health and wellbeing. Body Awareness Education is offered by way of face to face or online sessions, programs and workshops to support a re-acquaintance with our body. These workshops and programs are offered to organisations as a way to support staff and clientele (where applicable, such as community services).

Body Awareness Education is
fundamental to self-care.

The following free body awareness scan offers a moment to stop to tune into you and your body. You can do this free 12 minute audio in a chair or laying down. Ensure you prepare your body in a position that is supportive.


"The body awareness session with you was life changing for me. Feeling my body make such refined adjustments from the inside was completely new for me. I have been much more with myself as I move ever since."


Marcia Owen Body Awareness Education

Body awareness sessions are available as online or face to face one-off sessions or a specialised four to six week program. These sessions offer a personalised approach specifically catered for you and your body.

Body awareness group sessions

Group Body Awareness Education sessions are great for corporate workplaces and organisations to support staff and clientele to inspire self-care and general wellness. They can be offered face to face, or online as four to six week programs that bring focus to different themes.

Marcia Owen | Body Awareness Workshop

Marcia has been delivering Body Awareness Education for self-care workshops for over seven years as a foundation for professional development and organisational improvement. These workshops are suitable for corporate organisations, their staff and clientele.

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