I offer online and face-to-face yoga programs that are simple, practical and bring focus to developing a relationship with our body and the quality of our everyday movement.

Reacquainting with our body and it's true intelligence offers a gauge or a reference point from which to take care of our health. It is the barometer of truth and the more we come to honour the true intelligence that comes from our body the more we can respect and care for the body and therefore ourselves.

Tuning back into our body is one of the most simplest and common sense tools to support us in our everyday and as a way to maintain and take responsibility for our health and wellbeing.

Yoga for our modern times

Yoga of Stillness is also know as Esoteric Yoga and is considered yoga for our current era. Each session brings focus to gentle movements, conscious presence and the opportunity to reacquaint with our body's natural quality of stillness. In consideration of our current lifestyle, Esoteric Yoga restores us back to a rhythm and a way of being with our body that supports and sustains our health, vitality and true wellbeing. As we re-acquaint with our body it offers a foundation from which to navigate and deal with life that is centered, practical and simple.

Living Medicine _ Yoga

Stillness Yoga is a return to a way of being and a way of living

that honours the body and adheres to the natural rhythms

and greater cycles we are governed by.

Join me on a Yoga Program

The Yoga of Stillness is a preventative healthcare modality suitable for people of all ages and the perfect medicine to release tension, stress and anxiety, address exhaustion and reclaim back vitality, improve our sleep rhythm, develop focus with the mind, rest and rejuvenate the body, build confidence, self-worth and develop self-care.

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I have found the Yoga sessions truly wonderful. To be so gently guided back to my body and given time to allow a surrender to a stillness within has been quite remarkable. This has assisted in supporting and holding me during my weeks, especially in my work which feels valuable.