Positive Vibes

The following expressions of appreciation share the quality and level of integrity Marcia offers as a presenter and practitioner.


Debra – London UK

Secondary School Teacher

I have known Marcia for over ten years now and love the gentle warm quality of her presence. When I first attended her esoteric yoga sessions I found them difficult. I was so used to being permanently on the go, that sitting still and connecting to my body felt alien and pointless.


Bruce – Melbourne Australia


Thank you so much for a wonderful program. It has truly opened up so much in me to heal, and offered me a powerful platform from which I can evolve. I’ve realised, over the weeks, how I have long feared stillness, resisted quiet, seen danger in the space.


Jeanette – Waikato New Zealand

Registered Nurse, Practitioner & Presenter

I have known Marcia Owen for a long time, for over twelve years, and have experienced her work and her lovely way of being in many capacities. As an Esoteric Yoga Practitioner and Presenter, Marcia brings a deeply dedicated and exquisite quality to the programs she initiates and runs.


Deanne – Sydney Australia

Director, Practitioner & Presenter

Marcia brings a wisdom to her classes and programs that is ageless and holding and her beautiful voice makes it easy to settle and let go of tensions.  My first yoga class with Marcia was 10 years ago in 2007 and since then I have regularly attended her large group, online and one-to-one sessions.


Cherise – Brisbane Australia

Registered Nurse

After being introduced to the Esoteric Yoga modality I had my first individual session with Marcia and was instantly struck by her depth of wisdom and understanding, of who I was and how I was feeling at the time. I felt held in a space of warmth and openness which allowed me to trust and connect to a place within my own body that felt lovingly at ease and at home in my own breath.


David – Melbourne Australia


I first encountered Esoteric Yoga with Marcia eight years ago and have enjoyed many sessions since then, the most recent a six week program. Esoteric Yoga is unlike anything else I have experienced. It is the one body awareness and movement modality, that has truly reconnected me deeply to my body.


Maryline – Bons-en-Chablais, France


I first met Marcia Owen in the UK when she was offering one-to-one sessions and she gave me my first ever Esoteric Yoga session. What I felt in my body then was quite extra-ordinary as it introduced to me a modality that had nothing to do with the years of yoga I had done in Paris and later in the UK. ​


Annelies – the Netherlands

Registered Nurse

Marcia’s joy and cheekiness is contagious and she brings this with an ageless wisdom which resonates deeply in my body. And lets not forget her beautiful delicateness. I have done several Esoteric Yoga programs with Marcia and the quality of stillness in which she presents is deepening every time and feels very solid.


Anne – Brisbane Australia

Registered Nurse

I attended a presentation by Marcia Owen on stress, anxiety and exhaustion. I really enjoyed the way Marcia presented these topics in a very relatable, simple and easy to understand way. This talk was very interactive as Marcia created a space that allowed everyone in the group to feel safe, confident and at ease with expressing their experiences on these topics.

Heather Di Marino.jpg

Heather – Worthing UK


I've absolutely loved this program. As I felt it would be, it has and is a great support. I've been a lot more focussed on my wind down rhythm in the evenings since beginning the program.