Jeanette – Tauranga, New Zealand

Practitioner, Presenter & Registered Nurse

I have known Marcia Owen for a long time, for over twelve years, and have experienced her work and her lovely way of being in many capacities.

As an Esoteric Yoga Practitioner and Presenter, Marcia brings a deeply dedicated and exquisite quality to the programs she initiates and runs. I am a regular participant in her online presentations, particularly the Esoteric Yoga Stillness Program for Women.

​Her ability to hold large groups with a loving insightful focus, lightness and joy to connect to and appreciate our own innate qualities as women along with an ever-evolving awareness and depth of stillness within, has supported me and many others. I now bring these qualities, and more, naturally into my everyday life where they provide an ongoing enrichment.

We have also worked together as co-presenters with various groups and I appreciate every opportunity to do so as her commitment to and love for people is always a wonderful reflection and inspiration. Marcia has wisdom to spare and she has a steadiness and consistency which holds every member of a group as equal. She keeps things simple, practical and relatable and her care and attention to detail is second to none.

I love working with her and joyfully anticipate future opportunities.

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Preventative health and wellness services offering yoga, wellness coaching ,ecourses and retreats to share simple tools to make our everyday part of our living medicine.



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