Debra – London, UK

Secondary school teacher

I have known Marcia for over ten years now and love the gentle warm quality of her presence. When I first attended her esoteric yoga sessions I found them difficult. I was so used to being permanently on the go, that sitting still and connecting to my body felt alien and pointless, however I knew there was something in it, because every so often I would stop fighting myself and would connect to a feeling of complete ease within myself that was not my norm, but felt exquisite. Could I really be with myself like this in my day? No anxiousness, no rushing, no nervousness?

I decided it was worth committing to, so I have attended several of her online programs and make sure I never miss the sessions she offers at the UK retreats that I have attended.  The difference in my life is palpable. A simple thing like how I sit down at the computer to work has changed. I am aware of my body and breathing, and the focus on my movements helps my mind stay free from anxiety and tension.

Using the practical tools from esoteric yoga means I now have a different relationship with myself and time. Everything seems to get done, and there is an honouring of myself that was not present before. Instead of constantly feeling I never have enough time, space has opened up for me to start actually enjoying my life rather than feeling overwhelmed by it. Writing this has made me realise how different my life is now compared to ten years ago and I’ve shed a few tears of joy and appreciation. Thank you Marcia.

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