Deanne – Sydney, Australia

Director, Practitioner & Presenter

Marcia brings a wisdom to her classes and programs that is ageless and holding, her beautiful voice makes it easy to settle and let go of tensions.  My first yoga class with Marcia was 10 years ago in 2007 and since then I have regularly attended her large group, online and one-to-one sessions.


Having attended and instructed thousands of yoga classes myself prior to meeting Marcia it was easy to tell Marcia was not just an excellent presenter she was exceptional and an industry leader. She is a powerful and skilled presenter to large groups and conferences and very attuned with smaller groups and one-to one sessions.  


Marcia also has an affinity for women’s health and empowering women to be at ease within themselves, she understands the issues women face today and how to truly support women. Since 2015 I have attended several Esoteric Yoga Stillness Programs for Women with Marcia and  these programs are transformational; by experiencing deep settlement in my body within the class. I have been able to understand how different life can be and that the daily grind does not have to be a grind at all when I am connected to my body.

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