David – Geelong, Australia


I first encountered Esoteric Yoga with Marcia 8 years ago and have enjoyed many sessions since then, the most recent a six week program.

Esoteric Yoga is unlike anything else I have experienced. It is the one body  awareness and movement modality, that has truly reconnected me deeply to my body. The result has been profound and lasting improvements in my health and overall well-being. Esoteric Yoga is a process through the simple focus of awareness and gentle body movements, that reconnects one to and deepens the stillness that is our true essence within. Marcia brings a lovely ease and lightness as she guides you through the process, allowing a clear space for a pause from the mental chatter and to let go of the expectations and pressures we often put on ourselves.


I highly recommend Esoteric Yoga as a beautiful and needed way that stills the body and mind from the modern, busy life and its typical excesses of thinking and pressures of trying and doing.

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