Cherise – Brisbane, Australia


After being introduced to the Esoteric Yoga modality I had my first individual session with Marcia and was instantly struck by her depth of wisdom and understanding, of who I was and how I was feeling at the time. I felt held in a space of warmth and openness which allowed me to trust and connect to a place within my own body that felt  lovingly at ease and at home in my own breath.

Since then, Marcia has joined me on a number of personal and group programs bringing with her the highest level of integrity and quality that has supported me to 'go there' every time. Deepening my own quality of presence and uncovering more of my own intimate nature with the wisdom and joy that is already alive in my body.

I have found the Esoteric Yoga modality brings a simplicity to life whilst being deeply profound in the opportunities it offers me, to live with greater connection, awareness and consistency in any moment.

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