Annelies – Voorschoten, Netherlands


Marcia’s joy and cheekiness is contagious and she brings this with an ageless wisdom which resonates deeply in my body. And lets not forget her beautiful delicateness.


I have done several Esoteric Yoga programs with Marcia and the quality of stillness in which she presents is deepening every time and feels very solid. This gives me the opportunity to honour and to appreciate the stillness I feel in my own body and to bring this quality in every day life more consistently. With this joy and stillness comes her love for all, as she shares what is on offer in the knowing we are all equal.


Due to Esoteric Yoga programs with Marcia and others I have let go of a lot of anxiousness running through my body more than I was even aware off and there is now more space in my body to feel my innate qualities of stillness, tenderness (which reminds me immediately of my fingertips) and delicateness. Marcia is an amazing inspiration for me (and I just love her giggle!).

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