Body Awareness – Living Medicine for Self-Care

Body awareness is an essential ingredient in taking a pro-active step to ensuring that how we are with our body is part of our living medicine.

It can be very easy to negate and dismiss our body during a normal day and move in a functional way to achieve and tick off all that we need to get done. We often place the pursuit of function ahead of connection and in doing so, over-ride the subtle messages of our body until it shouts very loudly – humbly forcing us to stop through illness, disease or an accident.

Taking moments to stop and reconnect with ourselves and our body is a vital medicinal supplement. It’s natural, inexpensive and empowers us to be our own practitioner and tune into the true intelligence that comes from our body. Reacquainting ourselves with our body is to become aware of the subtle language it shares, reminding us to take heed of tension, imbalances and disharmony that arise from our experiences and the choices we make on a daily basis.

Practically, this living medicine can be as simple as the food we eat and how it feels and sits in the body afterwards. Although some foods may taste great to the palate, it’s the body that has the final say and will tell us in no uncertain terms if it does not agree with our choice through varying symptoms such as bloating, nausea, dullness, heaviness, a stomach ache, etc.

All too often we seek answers outside of ourselves devaluing our innate wisdom and knowingness. We give our power away to fad diets, new super foods or the latest health ideal. And yet, all it takes is a moment to stop and reconnect. This can be as effortless as feeling our feet on the floor, the rhythmic quality of our breath, the presence of our body and our quality of being. When we are with ourselves we are naturally in tune with the rhythm, magic and flow of life as opposed to the functional grind and struggle we otherwise box ourselves into.

Tuning into our body and adhering to its messages is a very natural part of respecting and honouring its sensitive and delicate physiology. This offers a deep level of self-care and love that can become our living medicine and a natural part of how we live on a day-to-day basis.

Living Medicine comes straight and simply from our own body.

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