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Sitting Yoga

Rarely do we sit to stop and simply be, to observe and feel ourselves and our body.

For the most part we are constantly in a state of ‘doing', whether that be physically or mentally. We are on the go, travelling at high speed to get somewhere, to do something, to accomplish something and so it is very rare for us to stop and check in.

I mean, who has the time to do that, right!

This is precisely why we need Sitting Yoga. It is a super practical modality and offers a space where we can give permission for ourselves to stop and just be; to tune in, reconnect and arrest the momentum at which we are travelling.

Sitting Yoga is a modality that says,

“Stop. Let yourself be. You are already enough. You rock it without even trying. Stop and feel how awesome you are, just by being you.”

Sitting Yoga is not about postures in a chair, in fact there is minimal movement. Due to the simplicity that it offers you could say it is actually more challenging, particularly when we use busyness and distractions to keep us wired.

Sitting Yoga offers the space for you to feel the honesty of your body, which is mostly why we don’t want to stop from our high-speed chase. Our body is the marker of all our choices – loving and unloving. Often we do not want to feel what we do or have done to ourselves and the pain or discomfort our body may be in.

And so, Sitting Yoga says,

“Sit; learn to be with what you feel; do not run or be distracted by the outer; allow yourself to be honest and real with what you feel; there is beauty in your honesty and in simply being with you.”

Remember, you are already everything, so feel all that you are not to come back to the truth of who you are.

When we take this moment, we allow ourselves to return to our body’s natural rhythm as opposed to the self-imposed momentum that has us running on nervous energy and adrenalin that depletes the body, affects our adrenals and ultimately our delicate endocrine system.

We return to a simplicity of being.

This way of being is congruent with our body’s natural harmonious way. It is from this quality that we then move into a way of living that is more in sync with ourselves and the greater cycles we are a part of.

This does not mean that we do less. In fact, we bring a greater quality and level of focus to all that we do and to those we connect with. And all of this is possible by simply taking a gracious moment for yourself to sit and be in your own presence of being.

Further information on Sitting Yoga can be found here.

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