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Over the last 10 years I have come to know how important my personal rhythm is to my day to support me to self-care and stay steady amongst the many challenges that life can present.

My personal rhythm is something I have been exploring since 2008 and continues to deepen through my own commitment to life, circumstances, changing environments and responsibilities.

My body has it’s own groove and when I listen and honour my inner groove, it shares simply and practically the quality of what is needed at any given moment. I feel this to be an inner dance or true movement that allows me to be in life and with my natural rhythm of stillness.

I have had much fun exploring this of late. Having moved to a new property and location at the end of last year, I find myself entering back into the corporate world in contracting positions of education, training and change management with long hours and long commutes to the city. I am constantly exploring, experimenting and refining my routine and rhythm to support this new opportunity I have stepped into.

What I have come to appreciate is the foundation I have built in terms of my personal awareness, body awareness and level of self-care that I absolutely know holds and supports me in my days.

Every single part of how I live is a contributing factor to the quality of health, wellbeing, joy and vitality that I bring to my work and in my everyday. This is what sustains me in a corporate environment that works totally against the grain of my body's natural rhythm. This is an environment that drives and moves unnaturally, man handled through force, control, deliverables, recognition, identification and with financial and political agendas to name but a few. Although the environment and systems may be unnatural, it is the people and the opportunity to be of service that fires my purpose.

My routine and rhythm allows me to observe without taking on the intensity of the workplace environment, it supports me to stay present in my body so as to not go into overwhelm or anxiousness. And although far from perfect, I love the constant opportunity I give myself to learn what is caring and loving for myself and my body. This is what holds me steady to contend with long hours, demanding deadlines, the development of my own businesses and tending to the everyday necessities and practicalities of living life.

In staying connected with my inner groove and rhythm, I move in accordance with what is true and loving for my body as best I can. It is my body that is the barometer of truth, gently guiding and on occasions abruptly pulling me to account if I have gone into drive, nervous energy or simply not honouring myself through unloving choices. When I adhere to my body I step into the flow of life where I move to my inner groove that is effortless and graceful.

I continue to practically explore this from how I take my time in the morning to prepare for work. This gentle quality is what I bring to work and carries me into my day. I utilise the time on the train to take a moment to connect and feel where my body is at or to wind down from my day or tend to Living Medicine business and clients. I use these moments to also connect to those around me, to get a sense of everyone on their journey and a micro perspective of humanity – which is another blog in itself! The evenings are a time to wind down and bring completion to my day knowing that how I am at this time of the day will support me into the next day. Never before have I felt more vital, purposeful and committed.

Furthermore I have become aware of how this way of being and living is my fuel or fire. It is what holds me steady and vital, enabling me to explore our true source of internal energy – as opposed to reaching for external and false energy sources such as sugar, caffeine, distractions, stimulation, dramas etc

When I am fuelling myself from my inner connection, it doesn't matter what I'm doing or where I am, the simplicity of being with me in my rhythm and groove is the greatest joy.

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