Simplicity & Space - Living Medicine in our home

Towards the end of 2017 I was in the midst of selling a property and purchasing another. It was a time of change on many levels and although I am naturally a minimalist, both of these moves provided an opportunity to let go of what was no longer necessary, unsupportive or simply taking up space. In turn, this allowed me to consider what was needed to practically support me in my new foundation.

What became very clear throughout the process was that there was to be no compromise in quality, and that the home was reflective of a sacred space in which to nurture myself and others. It wasn’t about the size of the space and how big or small it was – it was more about the love, purpose, attention to detail and the overall feeling.

When I renovated I chose trades that I felt were going to honour the purpose of this space. It wasn’t about getting the cheapest quote, but feeling who had a level of quality and integrity to be part of this co-creative process with me. I also chose furniture and practical everyday items that would further complement this quality and therefore support how I would move and live in my space.

During this time I embraced the sacredness of simplicity, more so within myself and allowed this to transpire outwards into my space.

This is a space that confirms my inner beauty, honours my essence and allows me to rejuvenate and restore, but to also be of service in my varying business ventures out in the world with others.

I have always been intrigued as to what happens behind the closed doors of the houses I walk or drive past. How do people live? What is the flow and feel of their home and how is this reflective of who they are and their quality of life.

Our home and the way we live in the home is a part of our living medicine. The items we have around us and the way we set up our home will either support us to grow and evolve or hold us stagnant and in comfort. In many cases we can often find ourselves encumbered with unnecessary items built up over time that take up room that could otherwise be spacious. A spaciousness that allows us to breathe and to return back to a simple way of being and living that is more in sync and harmonious for our body, health and well-being.

As I am exploring and discovering at present, the space we live in offers a powerful foundation to reacquaint ourselves with the sacredness of simplicity, and to build care and love within the home as a reflection of the relationship we have with ourselves, our body and therefore with others.

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