Retreats are a great way to immerse yourself into practical way of living that can be integrated into your everyday that is supportive for your body and well-being.

Living Medicine offers educational retreats to reiginite a way of living that sustains and nourishes your body and quality of being as a foundation for your everyday. In today's modern world, stress, exhaustion, anxiety, depression, overwhelm, sleeping issues, poor eating habits, physical pain, restrictions and burnout have become commonplace. These are just some of the signs that our body is not coping nor is it living from its true vital state. In turn we resort to other forms of medication to alleviate and 'fix' these symptoms without really taking responsibility for the lifestyle choices that got us there in the first place.

As a preventative wellness service, Living Medicine retreats offer a moment from which to stop and hop off the hamster wheel to evaluate, review and refine a way forward that is more honouring of our body and therefore ourselves.

Marcia has predominately worked with organisations and partnered with practitioners to design, develop and deliver holistic professional and personal development days that use the concept of a retreat to step away from business as usual to provide space to renew, reset and reconnect.