Maryline – Bons-en-Chablais, France


I first met Marcia Owen in the UK when she was offering one-to-one sessions and she gave me my first ever Esoteric Yoga session. What I felt in my body then was quite extra-ordinary as it introduced to me a modality that had nothing to do with the years of yoga I had done in Paris and later in the UK. ​

​To me, Esoteric Yoga is the Yoga of surrender and all the other forms of yoga I had been accustomed to were a yoga of control which I felt deep down that this was not true.

​Marcia to me lives and breathes Esoteric Yoga. She shows us a way of living that is truly supportive. I adore the way she lives equality between women in real humbleness and to the tiniest detail - never do we feel she is the teacher and we are the students. She shows that she is equal to us and that we evolve together. I also love the pearls of wisdom she drops during the sessions.

​Thank you Marcia for what you bring to humanity, you are a true role model.

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