Marcia Owen has worked in the fields of education, health and well-being for 15+ years presenting in retreats, workshops, programs and sessions with individuals, groups and organisations in Australia and internationally.

She finds true education comes from her body and life’s experiences, providing her with a foundation from which to present and share with others. Marcia works with all age groups from face to face workshops and retreats for organisations to programs for a global audience from a range of professions.

Marcia is dedicated to supporting participants to re-connect to the stillness, wisdom, power and intelligence that come from their body to live the medicine we receive through the quality of how we live each and every day. Her ease and steadiness hold an exquisite space of equality for participants to feel safe and re-connect to a more intimate relationship with themselves and their body.​


As a student of life Marcia embraces that true education and learning are founded in everyday situations, experiences and connections with others. She offers a warmth and joy in her workshops and programs that shed light on the potential of living the medicine we are through our choices and our every movement.

"We live in an era of unprecedented intensity, distraction and stimulation where it is all too easy to lose ourselves in the outer noise and complications of life.

I keep life simple as best I can. That means I live in a way that supports this simplicity and enables me to stay connected as best I can to the essence of my being while living in a world that is geared towards the complete opposite of this.

What I offer through Living Medicine are simple tools I use to maintain connection and union and to build a steadiness that allows you to deal with the demands and challenges of modern life, while having fun!

Marcia also offers a wealth of experience working in education, project and program management, training, learning and development and change management.

She has been involved in the delivery of personal development and well-being programs for Federal and State Government, the Vocational Education & Training sector (VET) and schools. Her background as a change practitioner and learning & development professional provides a unique flavour in her ability to build interactive online platforms that deliver health and well-being programs for participants anywhere in the world.

Marcia is constantly committed to her own unfolding and regularly attends presentations, workshops and retreats that inspire her personal evolution so this can be shared with others.

Qualified IECL executive coach. Marcia offers her services to support the performance and wellbeing of individuals and teams through coaching that centers around a strengths based approach.

Accredited as a Wellness Coach with Wellness Coaching Australia, Marcia offers wellness coaching services to support and encourage clients to become masters and practitioners of their own well-being.

Accredited to conduct Global Leadership Wellbeing Survey's to support the wellbeing of leaders in the workplace.

Marcia has been a registered member with Yoga Australia since 2003 and is a Senior Level 3 teacher.

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