Bruce – Melbourne, Australia


Thank you so much for a wonderful program.


It has truly opened up so much in me to heal, and offered me a powerful platform from which I can evolve.


I’ve realised, over the weeks, how I have long feared stillness, resisted quiet, seen danger in the space.

This has been a beautiful revelation, bringing me back to that frightened little boy, dropping the hardness that has kept his tender nature hidden, and allowed me to begin to heal.


I found the sessions so delicious, so confirming… re-imprinting what power means. They’ve set a new marker for how I am with myself, how my relationship with my body and my own sense of intimacy can grow and mature, and be the way I naturally meet the world.

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Preventative health and wellness services offering yoga, wellness coaching ,ecourses and retreats to share simple tools to make our everyday part of our living medicine.



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