​​The premise for all that is shared by Living Medicine is that we are already all equally amazing – but do we actually live and honour this in every aspect of our life?

And if not, what is the compromise and how does this affect our health, quality of life and service to others?

With rising rates of illness and disease to everyday stress, anxiety, exhaustion, insomnia, physical pain, emotional and mental issues – we have very clear indicators that our health is currently in a state of imbalance as opposed to our natural, vital and joyful quality of being. The impact of this can be felt in our national and global health statistics and overwhelmed, unsustainable health systems. "Chronic diseases, which include arthiritis, musculoskeletal disease, depression and anxiety, cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and hypertension, make up more than 70% of Australia's overall disease burden".1 Many of our chronic diseases could be prevented through common sense education and different lifestyle choices.

Simple living is Living Medicine.

Living Medicine's offers therapeutic preventative health and wellness services. These services empower individuals to take responsibility for their own health through the way they live and the choices they make on a daily basis. This approach encompasses the practical tools of our breath, our body and our quality of being. These foundational tools are reference guides to connect to a deeper way of living that is in connection with ourselves, our body and the greater cycles we are a part of.


"Chronic disease is a global concern, with prevention of chronic diseases considered to be a key approach that will ensure that future generations are not at risk of premature death from these diseases".2 Living Medicine's preventative services are complementary to conventional medicine. We see our services as an essential part of a whole that works in collaboration with conventional medicine and health practitioners, to ultimately support an individual's well-being.

1 Beaglehole et al. 2011

2 Peeters, A 2007, Research Summary Disease Trends, VicHealth, 1 July 2011 


Living Medicine offers the Gentle Breath Meditation™ as a tool for re-connection. When we are feeling out of sorts, anxious, worried, mentally overactive, emotional or simply not quite ourselves, it is our breath that re-connects us.


Our body is an amazing vehicle that is with us throughout life. The quality of how we drive our vehicle has a huge impact upon our health and well-being. We can drive it recklessly or we can drive it with care and respect. However we choose to be with our body will ultimately determine the quality of our health and lifestyle. Living Medicine offers Body Awareness Education and the Yoga of Stillness to reacquaint with our bodies wisdom.


Taking care of our being is how we choose to live with awareness and connection to ourselves, others and the greater cycles we are a part of. The way we live and the choices we make on a daily basis either support our quality of being or they do not. Living Medicine offers practical and sustainable tools through our programs, workshops and retreats.